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Business consulting

Tax consultancy


Tax is a compulsory contribution to state revenue as well as a tool for economy management.

Intellectual property registration


Trademark is one of the intangible property but may bring a grand tangible value to enterprise’s business practices.

Import Export


Once an investor has set up their trading company within Vietnam, it is important that their workers gain a strong understanding of the country’s import and export regulations and procedures.



A website considered an e-commerce website and must be registered or notified to the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT).



You need extraordinary levels of commitment to succeed in the highly competitive retail and consumer goods sectors.



Our Country-wide Energy and Infrastructure Group brings together some of the leading experts in these sectors.

Real estate


Acting for the real estate industry's leading players, we advise on the full range of real estate-related transactions.



Our Telecommunications group has been at the forefront of advising on market-leading transactions for many years.



Our client portfolio features many leading international car and truck manufacturers as well as some of the major engineering companies and suppliers.

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Viclaw Co., Ltd is one of the best business law firms in Vietnam with a network South East Asia, Middle East, Japan, HongKong, Malta and Poland.

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