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Customs Classification Services

At the heart of every successful shipment lies the proper customs classification and clearance of your goods. That is why we provide reliable customs solutions to your business for more informed decisions about your imported products. In particular:
Classification of Goods and rates of Customs Duties:
  • The HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) classification of goods is a major determinant in the amount of customs duties and taxes your company will pay for each shipment in today's ever more complex trading environment and technological changes
  • We deliver accurate harmonized tariff classification through content-appropriate, complete, and up-to-date information
  • In addition, it is complemented with technical update about HS rulings for your reference.
  • FAQ on classification of goods contains some frequently asked questions on the classification of goods as well as.
  • Ca Product Code: if specially controlled a products is controlled, Competent Agencies (CAs) controlling theproduct
  • In addition, it is complemented with technical update about HS rulings for your reference.
Application for Customs Ruling on Classification of Goods

We on behalf submit the application for classification of goods procedures for the customs rulings of a product.
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