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Labor Advising

With a team of experienced lawyers, Viclaw provides clients with labor law consulting services and human resource management consulting for businesses through the following activities:

1. Advising on recruitment and drafting labor contracts, collective labor agreements, labor regulations
  • Advising and drafting labor contract.
  • Advising on conditions and procedures for establishing Trade Union in enterprises, contents of activities of trade unions, relations between trade unions and business owners.
  • Advising to build collective labor agreement, labor regulations.
  • Register the collective labor agreement, the labor regulations with the competent state agency.
2. Counseling on the termination of labor contracts 
  • Counseling on the conditions, the process of disciplining employees, evaluating the legality of the decision to handle the labor discipline.
  • Counseling on settlement of benefits and insurance for employees when terminating labor relations.
  • Counseling on resolving disputes in labor relations between employers and employees.
  • Representative to protect the legal rights of employees / employers in labor disputes related to strikes, layoffs, and discipline of workers.
3. Consulting on labor regimes and policies 
  • Counseling on general provisions of law on labor and labor relations.
  • Advising to build salary scale, payroll for businesses
  • Advice on taxes and social insurance regimes, health insurance, unemployment insurance and the obligations of businesses and employees in joining insurance.

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