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Thành Lập Doanh Nghiệp

With Viclaw comprehensive legal understanding of the international business environment in Vietnam, we can supply clients with fundamentally beneficial legal advice in areas of foreign investments. Whether it is:
  • Seing up a 100% foreign invested or joint venture enterprise, joint stock company
  • Registration and de-registration of branches, businesses and representative offices
  • Finding partnerships, seling negotiations
  • Review and drafting of legal documents...
Please find hereunder some key terms and conditions for our Company Incorporation Services:
A. Pre-licensing services:
(i). Consulting:
  • Aending various meetings with client to explain and confirm the main principles for seing up the Company.
  • Preparing a list of legal documents required for the appraisal of the Company. Based on the information provided by client, we will review and incorporate these documents into the application file.
(ii). Drafting documents:
  • Drafting the application form for the Investment Certificate.
  • Drafting the Charter of the Company.
  • Drafting an outline of the Feasibility Study for the establishment of the Company based on the client's business intention which shall include descriptions of the activities and operational scope of the Company, the invested capital, the scale of services, and the efficiency of the Company.
B. Incorporating:
  • Reviewing and assembling all required documents to be included in the application file for the Investment Certificate.
  • Representing client to submit the application files for the Investment Certificate and acting as client's aorney to follow up with the competent authorities regarding the establishment of the company and obtaining the Investment Certificate
C. Post-licensing services:
Upon the issuance of Investment Certificate of the Company, we shall assist the newly established Company in complying with post licensing requirements:
  • Registering and obtaining the Company’s seal.
  • Preparing necessary dossiers and representing the Company to submit the application for the Company’s Tax Code and Customs Code with the competent tax authorities.
D. Additional services:
Together with the legal services as aforementioned, we would be happy to assist client various legal issues related to
business, including:
  • Advisory services on opening bank account.
  • Personal income tax registration, declaration and finalization for expatriate and local employees.
  • Advisory services on employee recruiting and labor issues; Drafting and registering statutory labor collective agreement and internal labor regulations.
Given our experience in working with various international and local companies, we believe that our assistance to client's business in Vietnam would be of great assistance to the establishment of the Company.


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