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Abroad Investment Consulting

Issues related to abroad investment activities are currently regulated in the Law on Investment 2014.

Currently, investors can make investments abroad under the following forms

  • Establishment of economic organizations stipulated by law of the country receiving the investment.
  • Implementation of the cooperation contract (BCC) abroad.
  • Acquisition of part or all of charter capital of an overseas economic organization to participate in the management and implementation of business investment activities in foreign countries.
  • Buying and selling securities, other valuable papers or investing through securities investment funds, other financial intermediaries in foreign countries.
  • The other investment forms prescribed by the laws of the countries receiving investment. 
Required documents: Clients only need to provide a copy of the business establishment certificate if they are an organization, for individual investors providing ID or equivalent documents confirming legal status, financial proof, proposal of investment project. Viclaw will advise the whole process and prepare registration documents for the clients.

Services of Viclaw

  • Give advice on legal regulations and legal procedures related to investment in foreign country.
  • Advising investment form for clients.
  • Give advice on conditional business investment industries and specific conditions for each industry.
  • Drafting and submitting dossiers, working with competent state agencies, receiving results for clients.
Process of implementation procedures for the investment license
  • Within 03 working days from the day on which the application is received, the Ministry of Planning and Investment shall send a dossier to state agencies for appraisal.
  • Within 15 days, the agency has an appraisal opinion on the contents under its management.
  • For projects that need the Government to decide on investment policies, within 30 days from the date of receiving the investment project dossiers, the Ministry of Planning and Investment organizes the appraisal and prepares appraisal reports and submits them to the Prime Minister.
  • For projects requiring investment policy decision by the National Assembly: The Ministry of Planning and Investment shall report to the Prime Minister to set up a State Appraisal Council (within 05 days). The State Appraisal Council organizes the appraisal and prepares the appraisal report (within 90 days) and the Government sends the offshore investment policy decision dossier to the National Assembly's agency in charge of verification (before declaration). session of the National Assembly 60 days).



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