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Consulting And Drafting Contract

Contract is a legal document expressing the agreement between the parties on the establishment, change or termination of rights and obligations in civil and commercial transactions. It is also the basis for resolving disputes that arise. However, not all the contracts are full and clear. If the contract is not well drafted, the negotiation will generate many potential risks, causing loss for the enterprise. In order to support for businesses in establishing transactions, Viclaw provides consulting services, drafting and review contract reputably and accurately.

Drafting contract process
Step 1: Receive information and requests from customers.
Step 2: Make a draft of the contract and protect the contract's confidentiality.
Step 3: Print and transfer the completed contract to the customer for application.
Services of Viclaw

  • Prepare the legal basis relating to issues.
  • Research related documents, find out relevant information about the parties of the contract in specific cases at the request of the business.
  • Giving consulting solution for drafting and signing, ensuring maximum benefits for the business and balancing the interests of the parties in the contract.
  • Assign a lawyer to join the contract negotiation committee.
  • Evaluate the content, review and edit the contractual terms offered by the parties.
  • Draft necessary terms, negotiate with partners to protect important terms, ensure the legal rights of clients.
Example counsulting in our practice
  • Consulting, drafting, amended commercial contract.
  • Consulting, drafting, amended investment contract.
  • Consulting, drafting, amended civil contract.
  • Consulting, drafting, amended labour contract.
  • Consulting, drafting, amended business cooperation contract.
  • Consulting, drafting, amended sale and purchase contract.
  • Consulting, drafting, amended other contracts. 



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