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Consulting Import And Export Activities

Import export is compulsory for all parties in international trade relations. Making dossiers, documents, applying for certificates of origin in export activities as well as identification of goods codes (HS code), tax calculation, and import permit application for some aspects. goods in import activities, etc. to make customs declaration is a series of important work to ensure that the import-export is done properly, sufficiently and promptly in business activities and to ensure compliance law.

These are work and procedures that require specialized skills, and must be regularly updated with new legal provisions. Therefore, if there is not a complete and accurate transfer, it is possible to pick up many problems in the process of performing the business, affecting the time, progress of delivery and delivery as well as business opportunities. With a team of experienced lawyers, Viclaw definitely gives customers the best support.

Services at Viclaw

  • Advice on choosing international payment method suitable for each transaction.
  • Consulting methods and drafting import and export documents.
  • Consulting on the use of appropriate international trade conditions in international sales transactions.
  • Consulting on logistics solutions and choosing suitable shipping methods.
  • Consulting customs procedures.
  • Consulting import and export permits.
  • Consulting import and export taxes.


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