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Consulting On Retail Licensing

According to Decree 09/2018/ND-CP, foreign investor want to retail in Vietnam must be granted a license to establish a retail. Foreign businesses are entitled to apply for a license to establish a retail establishment after obtaining a business license and documents on the location of the retail establishment.

Required documents: Clients only need to provide documents of tax authorities proving that they no longer owe overdue tax, a copy of the Certificate of Business registration; investment registration certificate of goods purchase and sale project. Viclaw will advise on the entire process of applying for retail licenses to clients.
Services at Viclaw

  • Consulting the process and procedures of applying for a retail license.
  • Consulting on conditions for applying for a retail license.
  • Drafting and preparing the application for a retail license.
  • Apply for registration at the competent authority.
  • Get results of applying for a retail license.
Registration retail license duration: 31 days from the date of submitting a valid document.

The competent authorities shall examine if the application is full, valid, in conformity with the provisions.
  • If the document is qualified: the competent authorities shall notice the acceptance and appointment to receive results.
  • If the document is unqualified: the competent authorities shall notice in writing for register to supplement and amended.


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