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Disputes Solving

With a team of experienced lawyers, knowledgeable about civil legal relations, contracts, commercial business, Viclaw provides consulting services, dispute resolution such as civil disputes, contract disputes, land disputes,... especially commercial and business disputes. We provide consultation on legal procedures, represent clients to resolve related disputes at courts and arbitration. Representatives of foreign businesses and traders carry out judgment enforcement procedures in Vietnam.

  1. Labor Disputes Solving
Labor disputes are divided into two types of disputes, individual labor disputes between employees and employers and disputes between the labor collective and the employer. For each type of labor dispute, the nature and method of dispute resolution are also different. Clients only need to provide the problem the business is having and the desire, Viclaw will advise on directions and procedures to resolve.

  1. Land disputes solving
Land disputes are one of the most common and making people worried because of the great value of assets. There are many regulations on land and housing in Vietnam, and complicated proceedings. Viclaw is proud to be a reputable and experienced unit to solve land disputes for clients. 

Our practice

  • Disputes related land - houses and property on land inheritance.
  • Disputes over ownership, land use rights, property on land.
  • Disputes related land use right, property on land used to mortgage.
  • Consulting on resolving disputes on landmarks on land - housing.
  • Consulting on resolving disputes on compensation and resettlement when the State recovers land assets on land.
  • Consulting on solving disputes on capital contribution with land use rights, assets on land.
  1. Contract dispute, business dispute solving
In the proceed of business activities, from the contract is not carefully drafted led to the rights and interests of the parties is compromised, disputes occur. It can be said that a contract dispute is a dispute that usually occurs between businesses, if not resolved well, it will cause losses to the business. With deep knowledge and many years of experience in the business sector, Viclaw provides consulting services, resolving contract disputes, quickly and efficiently for clients.

Services of Viclaw

  • Consulting the rights and obligations of the parties in the dispute relationship.
  • Consulting the basis for dispute resolution and legal basis for the dispute resolution.
  • Consulting, preparing to negotiate with stakeholders in dispute resolution.
  • Organizing to negotiate, mediating the disputing parties, representing the mediation negotiation for clients.
  • Exchange and guide clients to collect documents, evidence, provide information.
  • Consulting procedure at the arbitration, the court.



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