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Divide, Separate Or Mergers Consulting

According to Enterprise Law No. 68/2014/QH13 (Enterprise Law 2014), enterprises can be reorganized in the form of division, separation or merger of enterprises. In the process of business activities, many companies have a need to division, separation or merger. However, this is a complicated procedure that not all businesses understand the process. Viclaw commits to provide the best consulting service on division, separate or merger, to meet the requirements of clients.

  1. Divide, separate business consulting
Documents required: Clients only need to provide valid ID or Passport of owner, Board of members, Business registration certificate, documents related to corporate finance.

  1. Merger business consulting
Document required: Clients only need to provide the name and address of the head office of the merging company and the merged company, information on the shares, Certificate of business registration, ID card or passport of owner, Council of members...

Service of Viclaw

  • Consulting the regulations of the law on the conditions, authority to separate and mergers business.
  • Consulting procedures and methods of division of assets of the Company.
  • Consulting term, procedure and conditions of asset conversion.
  • Consulting on plans of using employees.
  • Consulting the process and methods of separating and merging companies.
  • Drafting charter for the separated company and the new company.
  • Drafting documents for separated and merging companies..
  • Submit and receive the new business certificate at the Department of Planning and Investment.
  • Post information on national business portal.
Duration for new business certificate is 03 to 05 days from the date of submitting a valid document.
Business Registration Offices shall examine if the application is full, valid, business name registration in conformity with the provisions.

  • If the document is qualified: The Business Registration Office shall notice the acceptance and appointment to receive results.
  • If the document is unqualified: The Business Registration Office shall notice in writing for register to supplement and amended.


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