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Establish Enterprise Consulting

Vietnam's economy is gradually developing rapidly, international trade has been accelerated, opening up potential opportunities for people with passion to start a business and establish their own companies. In recent years, regulations on permits, procedures for company establishment, registration method, registration documents have been revised and changed, making many people confused. Understanding that, Viclaw provides clients with consulting services to set up a business simply, quickly and effectively.

Issues related to the establish business are now regulated in the Enterprise Law 2014 and Decree 78/2015/ND-CP (amended in 2018) business registration instructions.

Documents required for establish business: Clients only need to provide a notarized copy of ID card, information about charter capital, company name, business lines, office address, company representative. Viclaw will advise the whole process and prepare registration documents for the clients.

Establish business services of Viclaw

  • Consulting business establishment process and procedures.
  • Consulting business type in conformity with client needs.
  • Consulting company name in accordance with the law.
  • Drafting and preparing business registration documents.
  • Submit application for business establishment registration at the Department of Planning and Investment and receive the results.
  • Consulting make company seal, register seal sample on National Business Portal.
  • Consulting on procedures after establishing a company.
Registration establishing business duration: 03 days from the date of submitting a valid document.

Business Registration Offices shall examine if the application is full, valid, business name registration in conformity with the provisions.
  • If the document is qualified, The Business Registration Office shall notice the acceptance and appointment to receive results.
  • If the document is unqualified, The Business Registration Office shall notice in writing for register to supplement and amended.



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