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Investment To Vietnam Consulting

Issues related to the establish business are now regulated in the Law on Investment 2014.

Currently, customers can invest in Vietnam through direct investment or indirect investment in the form of capital contribution, share purchase, or capital contribution in an established enterprise in Vietnam.

Document required: Clients only need to provide a copy of the business establishment certificate if they are an organization, for individual investors providing ID or equivalent documents confirming legal status, financial proof, proposing land use. Viclaw will advise the whole process and prepare registration documents for the clients.

Services of Viclaw

  • Give advice on legal regulations and legal procedures related to investment in Vietnam.
  • Advising legal regulations and procedures for establishing a business, apply for an Investment Registration Certificate, Certificate of Business Registration, Business License (purchase and sale of goods with foreign capital), permission...
  • Give advice on conditional business investment industries and specific conditions for each industry.
  • Drafting and submitting dossiers, working with competent state agencies, receiving results for clients.
  • Consulting procedures after establishing a company.
Duration for issuing Investment Registration Certificate: Within 15 days from the date of receipt of complete and valid application file, the Department of Planning and Investment will issue the Investment Registration Certificate. If refusing to issue, it will reply in writing, clearly stating the reason.


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