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Legal Translation

Legal translation is the translation of legal documents, terms and concepts related to the field of law. This is a translation field that requires high skills of translators. Translators must have knowledge of legal terms in both languages and fully understand their meaning to ensure legal translations are done 100% accurate. Translators must convey accurate information in the source text and must not translate vaguely.

Legal translation service by lawyers issued in two kinds of services

  1. Legal translation from the original with notarization.
  2. Legal translation from the copy without notarization.
Documents required: Clients only need to provide us original text, Viclaw will translate following the clients need.

The following examples of legal translation in our practice 

  • Business corporation contract, trading contract, service contract, import-export contract, processing contract, transfer capital/shares contract.
  • Labor contract.
  • Company profile.
  • Legal documents of company and individual.
  • Construction, real estate documents.
  • Internal rules and regulation.
  • Financial statement.
Service fee will be charged
  1. On number of words (300 words per page).
  2. On number of pages.
  3. On kinds of documents.
Duration of service: depends on the length and complexity of the text.


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