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Work Permit

Issues related to work permits for foreign workers in Vietnam are currently regulated in the 2012 Labor Law, Decree 11/2016/ND-CP (amended in 2018).

The process of applying for a work permit
Step 1: Request a written explanation about the employment of foreign workers in Vietnam.
Step 2: Apply for a work permit.

Required documents: Client only need to provide business certificates, criminal records of foreign workers, documents proving that they are managers, executives, experts or technical workers, labor contracts, passports of foreign workers. Viclaw will advise the entire process for the client.

Service at Viclaw

  • Advising the process and procedures of applying for a work permit.
  • Drafting and preparing dossiers of application for written approval on the employment of foreign workers.
  • Submit application letter for explanation and receive results.
  • Prepare application for work permit.
  • Apply for a work permit and receive the results.
Duration of work permit procedure

  • Step 1: At least 30 days before the foreign worker comes to work, the enterprise must submit the application to the competent authority for approval. Time to receive the official letter approving the employment of foreign workers is 15 days from the date of receipt of report on explanation or report on explanation of changes.
  • Step 2: At least 15 working days from the date the foreign worker is expected to start working, that employer must submit a work permit application. Time for receiving work permits is within 05 working days from the date of complete application.
The competent authorities shall examine if the application is full, valid, business name registration in conformity with the provisions.
  • If the document is qualified, the competent authorities shall notice the acceptance and appointment to receive results.
  • If the document is unqualified, the competent authorities shall notice in writing for register to supplement and amended.


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