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Mahmoud Youssefi (Mike)

Mahmoud Youssefi (Mike)

Viclaw has added Mike to our practice this year.  In his role as Business Development Advisor, Mike is now available to our clients at no charge, to help them better prepare for challenges and opportunities that might be coming next for our clients.

Mike has unique insight having served in all capacities of corporate governance and tactical deployment.  He has accomplished many firsts in his career, including founding a company that provided the first deployment of the internet in China and Korea!

Mike’s background has been broad and varied, from helping startups go IPO, to helping major corporations role out new RGU’s that become Billion plus industries.  In his capacity with Viclaw, he will be available to help worthy startups, as well as successful companies looking to navigate the fast changing business landscape!  The 2 themes for Mike are Growth & Change!  Find out if your company is a good fit for Mike’s support!

Mike will support New & Existing Clients on business decisions you might have, including but not limited to: Routine review of your business goals and company mission. Advice on best practices. For startups or new divisions, Provide the framework needed before client acquisition begins. Help explore new Markets, precursor for “Go-To-Market Strategy”. “Go-To-Market Strategy”, after target market has been defined. Sales Team Training & Development. Digital Transformation is going to impact every business! What’s the impact to Yours? Your successful, now what?  Never lose sight of why you started your journey in the first place.

Mike’s curiosity has led him to numerous industries.  He has had some great accomplishments, including many firsts.  Below are just a few of his past successes: Brought to market first communication key management system to be approved and purchased for use, by the White House and US Customs, precursor to PGP. Bootstrapped a technology company that ultimately went IPO. Brought to market the first true deployment of VoD delivered over the internet, to Asia. Regularly competed with and beat the biggest names in the industry. Using Gorilla marketing, won Imaging Magazines Product of the Year. Achieved 70% market share with office automation software for Wall Street. Used compelling story-telling to achieve double digit growth in dormant nuclear industry. Helped launch the 5G revolution in USA, by recruiting Cable Industry into Backhaul, now a $20 Billion Industry.